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Saving energy and making money!

We use top quality materials from the market leaders in the respective fields.
We only use qualified tradesmen for our installs, using scaffolders, roofers and electricians, who all take pride in their work and are prepared to go that ‘extra mile’ to ensure our customers are satisfied with every aspect of the installation.

Internal Equipment/Works.

In the majority of cases our internal works consist of an electrician mounting the ‘Inverter’ in the loft and running a cable from the loft to your new generation meter (this is usually located adjacent to your existing electrical mains equipment). This element of the works will normally be carried out in one day.

Electricity Meter       Electricity Meter       Electricity Inverter

External Works

Once the install date has been agreed, we will arrange for our professional scaffolding company to install the necessary scaffolding. This will then allow our roofers and electricians to safely carry out the works on the roof.
We take the health and safety of our customers and operatives very seriously and endeavour to carry out every step of our installation in a safe and professional manner.  

Solar Panels Nottingham       Solar Energy Nottingham       Solar Energy Nottingham      

Moor House Farm, Morton, Nr Newark.

Solar Panels Newark       Solar Energy Newark       Solar Panels Nottingham      

Mr Eddy Harrington decided on a 4kw system to his property and has seen significant savings already, so much so that in one month he actually generated more energy than he used, resulting in a minus reading on his electricity supplier meter. He was delighted with the installation and is extremly happy with the savings he is already making.

A Semi Detached House in Ragdale Road, Bulwell, Nottingham

Solar Panels Nottingham       Solar Energy Nottingham       Solar Panels Nottingham      

Mr Paul Fisher needed to re-roof his property, so at the same time DES recommended that he install a 2.25kw in-roof system.
This meant that the slates removed from the front elevation to accomodate the install of the solar panels, could be re-used to carry out the additional works required elsewhere on his roof.
All roof works were carried out by DES roofing contractor, which resulted in savings to material and labour costs by carrying out both jobs simultaneously.

Thurmaston, Leicestershire

Solar Panels       Solar Power      

Mr Tony Bryan employed DES to install a 4kw system to his roof using Sharp panels. He was delighted with the works carried out and sent a letter of thanks confirming this. In his letter he wrote " I would like to express my thanks for the professionalism of all concerned and the standard of the overall installation. I am also prepared to allow you to use this installation as a reference site" Our thanks go out to Mr Tony Bryan for this testemant to our works.

For further information on how a Solar Panel installation can improve your life and finances, call us on 0115 970 3025.