Des Solar Panels

Energy Savings.

Generate Income AS Well As Electricity!

When you have a DES Solar Panel system installation, you will be paid for all the electricity you generate through the governments ´Feed-In-Tariff´ (FIT) scheme, combined with savings you should make on your energy bills, it is likely you will recover the cost of your investment (usually within 8-9 years) and in time thanks to the government tax free 20 year payback period, earn a substantial yield on your investment even after you have recovered the initial costs!

How Feed-In-Tariffs Work

    •  The payments are TAX FREE on domestic installtions and are tied in for 20 years.
    •  FIT payments are inflation linked and will be adjusted every year in line with the         Retail Price Index, to help protect your return on investment.

The 3 Ways you can profit through the Feed-In-Tariff

1    Your Energy Provider will pay you £00.43.3p for Every Unit of electricity your         generate from your Solar Panels based on a meter reading provided by you         quarterly.

2    All the electricity you generate from your Solar Panels is yours to use FREE OF         CHARGE, significantly reducing your electricity bills.

3    There is a 2nd Export Tariff which pays you an additional £00.03p per unit that is         transported back to the National Grid.
Soloar Panels

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